Henrik Soderstrom




  • Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY: MFA, 2011

  • Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI: BFA, 2008, graduated with honors

  • Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI: concentration in History, Philosophy, & Social Science, 2008

  • NyckelviksSkolan, Stockholm, Sweden: One-Year Art, Craft, and Design Program, 2004


Cross-Disciplinary and Collaborative Work

  • Marion Design Co: Marion IN, 2017-present: Ideation Designer

  • Ashoka: Boston MA, ongoing: Projection and set designer for cross-disciplinary performance of musical work by Sandeep Das

  • Ravel Collaborative: Indiana Wesleyan University, Spring 2017: Worked with a Foundations student and an IWU alumni to create new video work for an orchestra performance of Ravel’s Ma mère l’Oye.

  • Joy to the World: Indiana Wesleyan University, Fall 2016: Worked with IWU faculty and students to produce video and performance-painting for a cross-disciplinary concert in the Chapel Auditorium.

  • Attacca Quartet: East Alabama Arts Association, Auburn, AL, 2014: Designed & created projection imagery for the stage during performance of works by John Adams.

  • FuturPointe Dance: Fringe Festival, Rochester, NY, 2013: Created projected imagery for a live performance.

  • Respond: The Yards, Rochester, NY, 2012: Collaborated with sound artists to create a multidisciplinary performance curated by John Lake.

  • Hunting Stories: Rochester, NY, 2012: Created album artwork released with new single.

  • Society for Freshwater Science: RISD Nature Lab / RI Convention Center, 2011, Worked with environmental researchers to exhibit artwork at a national conference on sustainability and resource management.

  • Music of Difference: 2011: Generated album artwork and related designs for the first Music of Difference recording featuring music by Robert J. Bradshaw, Aaron Alon, and Angelique Poteat.

  • Music of Difference: The Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, 2010: Collaborated with musicians and composers to bring a multidisciplinary program.

  • National Technical Institute for the Deaf: Sleeping Beauty: 2010: Collaborated with students and faculty to design and construct sets and props for a multimedia production choreographed by Thomas Warfield.

  • Boyd/Goluses Duo- Visual Art Director: 2010: Produced graphic layout and managed visuals for the recording Quicksilver: Songs and Dances of the Americas by Bonita Boyd & Nicholas Goluses.

  • Yo Yo Ma's Silk Road Project: Lincoln Center, New York, New York, 2009: Designed & created the multi-media set for the premier of the opera Layla & Majnun. (Also gave related lectures at RISD and SUNY Binghamton in March of 2009).

  • Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project: Visual Art Director: 2009: Managed the creation of a 32-page booklet and related designs for the album Off the Map, which was nominated for a Grammy in 2010.

  • The Knights Orchestra: Visual Art Director, New York, New York, 2009: Created a visual identity for The Knights Orchestra for use in web and print media.

  • Silk Road Project: RISD, 2008, Worked with a collaborative studio to create an multi-disciplinary storytelling performance in collaboration with Ben Haggarty and the musicians of the Silk Road under the direction of Yo-Yo Ma.

  • D.C.Y.F. Mural Project: Providence, RI, 2006: Led a group of students in the creation of a mural at DCYF.

  • Collaboration with Yuri Kobayashi: Snowmass, CO, 2008: Created a collaborative sculpture for auction at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado.

  • Performance Project with P.O.I. Stockholm Sweden, 2004: guest painter- generated paintings as part of a multimedia performance involving musicians and video artists.



Visual Arts Exhibitions

  • Forthcoming: Exhibition: Grace College and Seminary, Winona Lake, Indiana, October 2019 (solo show)

  • A Measure of the Irrational: Union University Galleries, Memphis, Tennessee, August 2017 (solo show)

  • That’s Not a Toy Ladder. Climb Up Here. : Davis Gallery, Roberts Wesleyan University, Rochester, New York, November 2016 (solo show)

  • The Black Squirrel Fine Toys and Fun Art: Wabash, IN, August 2016 (duo show)

  • 17th Annual Juried Exhibition: Jan Dempsey Arts Center, Auburn, AL, 2015

  • Spring Invitational: Jan Dempsey Arts Center, Auburn, AL, 2015 (Duo show with Nancy Green)

  • Build It!: IDEA Museum, Mesa, Arizona, 2015 (invitational group)

  • Auburn CityFest: Auburn, Alabama, 2015 (juried)

  • Diptych: Jan Dempsey Arts Center, Auburn, AL, 2014 (invitational group)

  • Honeywell Center: Wabash, Indiana, 2014 (juried)

  • Works on Paper: Upstream Gallery, Kings Ferry, New York, 2013 (juried)

  • Elves Dancing on the Water: Curated by Benjamin Woelk, Rochester, NY, 2012

  • Design on the ROCs: Hungerford Building, Rochester, NY, 2011

  • Response: Axiom Gallery, Rochester, NY, 2011 (collaboration with Hannah Lightbody)

  • MFA Thesis Exhibition: Bevier Gallery, Rochester, NY, 2011

  • Graduate Student Invitational: Liberty Hill Gallery, Rochester, NY, 2011 (invitational)

  • ArtFest at the Museum of the Earth: Ithaca, NY, 2010 (juried)

  • Put a 12-Foot Bird On It: Clarence, NY, 2010: Created a mural covering the interior of USA Bird Supply's 2,000 square foot showcase store.

  • Paper, Wood & String: Dean’s Gallery at RIT, Rochester, NY, 2010 (juried)

  • The 25 Show: Rochester, NY, 2009, “Best in Show” (juried)

  • Homes: Cairo Gallery, Seattle, Washington, 2009 (juried)

  • Trio: Gallery at Aviv, Rochester, NY, 2009 (invitational)

  • Functional Art: Gallery r, Rochester, NY, 2009 (juried)

  • Milan International Furniture Fair: Milan, Italy, 2008 (juried by RISD and Lothar Windels)

  • RISD Senior Exhibition: Woods Gerry Gallery, 2008

  • Fall Exhibition: RISD Woods Gerry Gallery, 2007

  • Testimony: Carr Haus Gallery, RISD, 2007 (juried)

  • Glory: Red Door Gallery, RISD, 2006 (juried)

  • RISD Foundations Exhibition: RISD Foundations Gallery Space, Providence, RI, 2004 (juried)

  • NyckelviksSkolan Annual Exhibition: NyckelviksSkolan Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, 2004 (juried)



  • Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History, Ithaca, NY, 2010: Created and exhibited paintings related to environmental sustainability, natural cycles, and the permanent collection at RTPI.

  • The Julia and David White Artists’ Colony / Rhode Island School of Design, San Jose, Costa Rica, 2009: Invited by RISD to be an artist-in-residence and visiting critic for a travel course led by Elinore Hollinshead.

  • StoneCry, Atglen, PA, 2008-2009: Collaborated as a designer, builder, and idea-generator for the creation of an artist-residency program which encouraged the integration of faith, philosophy, and studio practice under the direction of Mark Potter.

  • I-Park Artist’s Enclave, East Haddam CT, 2008: Created works for the enclaves collection as an Artist-in-Residence in an international & multi-disciplinary program.




  • Ink & Letters, 2015: Three works featured in Fall 2015 issue

  • Black Mountain Anthology, 2013: Writing and photo-documentation of Porch exhibition (curated by Tara Rochford and Henrik Soderstrom) published in a two-volume anthology by the North Carolina Arts Council and the United Arts Council

  • The New York Times, February 27, 2009: For the Love of Layla: Review of collaboration with the Silk Road Project

  • Providence Business News, 2009: RISD graduate designs set for Silk Road performance

  • Esquire Magazine, 2008: The Future of Design: Featured with Naushon Hale and Da Sul Kim in an article on design innovation.

  • Milan Design Week 2008 by Jacquelyn Davis



  • Pantone Canvas, 2016: new work featured by Pantone

  • Pantone Canvas, 2015: new work featured by Pantone

  • RISD Portfolios, 2013: new work featured by RISD

  • The Silk Road Project, Postcards from the Road, 2009: Article and image about multimedia Layla and Majnun design



  • RISD Faculty Award for Consistent Excellence: 2008: For a student who demonstrates consistent excellence in their three years in the Department of Furniture Design

  • RISD Department of Furniture Design Community Service Award: 2008: This award goes to a student who shows concern for the community and a willingness to serve the needs of others.

  • Brooks Fellowship: Anderson Ranch Arts Center, 2008

  • Ken Dresser ’61 Scholarship: Rhode Island School of Design, 2005



  • 2-D: drawing, drafting, painting (oil, mixed media, traditional egg tempera, fresco, ground preparation techniques), metal leafing, silk screening, etching, lithography, photolithography, drypoint & non-toxic intaglio printmaking, wood block & lino-cut print making, letterpress, embossing, paper making.

  • 3-D: woodworking, welding, soldering & metalsmithing, sand & ceramic shell casting, bookbinding & traditional paper craft, ceramics (wheel-throwing, hand building, glazing), basic loom operation, upholstery, felting, plaster casting, stained glass.

  • Computer: Adobe Photoshop & InDesign, Graphite, Cobalt.

  • Language: conversational Swedish, English editing & writing


Teaching Experience

  • Indiana Wesleyan University: Marion, Indiana, 2011-present: Associate Professor of Art + Design

  • Summer Wildcat Academy: Indiana Wesleyan University, Summer 2017: Faculty and curator for student gallery show.

  • Visual Arts Workshop for Children, Auburn Arts Association, Auburn AL, 2015: Designed and led classes for children ages 4-6 and 7-12.

  • Rhode Island School of Design Travel Course- Guest Critic: San-Jose, Costa Rica, 2009: Facilitated critiques and studio sessions with undergraduate students as a guest critic and artist-in residence.

  • Rochester Institute of Technology: Teaching Assistantship with Prof. Elizabeth Kronfield, 2010-2011: Worked individually with sophomore Fine Arts students to integrate conceptual thinking with formal issues. Helped to facilitate group critiques.

  • Rochester Institute of Technology: Alternate Teacher for Professors Bill Wolf, Sarah Sutton, Elizabeth Kronfield, & Eileen Bushnell, 2009-2011: Taught Foundations studios.

  • Rhode Island School of Design: Teaching Assistantship with Prof. Elinore Hollinshead: 2005-2008: Worked with Foundations drawing students to integrate conceptual problem solving with technical development. Facilitated group critiques.

  • Rhode Island School of Design: Teaching Assistantship with Prof. Joshua Enck, 2008: Worked with Foundations students individually and in group critiques to expand formal, spatial, and structural understanding.

  • Rhode Island School of Design: Teaching Assistantship with Prof. Merlin Szasz, 2007: Worked with Foundations students individually and in groups critiques to explore formal issues.

  • Rhode Island School of Design: Teaching Assistantship with Prof. Randy Willier, 2006: Worked with Foundation drawing students individually and in group critiques to develop understanding of perspective and formal issues. Helped to facilitate group critiques and led figure drawing sessions.

  • Anderson Alley Studios: Rochester, NY, 2004: Teaching Assistant: Helped to foster a creative environment for 12-16 year olds to grow through art therapy.


University Service 

  • Reclaimed Aluminum Casting for Hoosier Shakes: Summer 2017: Assisted in smelting aluminum cans in to swords for a production of Romeo & Juliet.

  • First Year Experience Program: Indiana Wesleyan University, Fall 2015, 2016, & 2017, Faculty.

  • Peer-Committee for Rank Promotion: Summer 2017: Reviewed two rank promotion portfolios.

  • Lilly Fellows Program: Indiana Wesleyan University, Summer 2015 - Summer 2018: Served as one of two faculty representatives for the University.

  • Student Success Committee (member): Indiana Wesleyan University, Fall 2017-present.

  • Academic Policies Committee (member): Indiana Wesleyan University, Fall 2016-present.

  • Student Life Committee (member): Indiana Wesleyan University, Fall 2015-Spring 2017.

  • Tenure Task Force (member): Indiana Wesleyan University, Spring 2017-present.

  • Search Committee (member): Indiana Wesleyan University, Spring 2012-Spring 2014: Several search committees for the Division of Art.

  • Foundations Curriculum Committee (chair): Indiana Wesleyan University, Spring 2016-present.

  • Space Planning Committee: Indiana Wesleyan University, Fall 2013-Spring 2014: Met with a committee of faculty and administrators to develop a proposal for the use of Center Hall involving writing and floor plan development.

  • John Wesley Honors College Interviews: Indiana Wesleyan University, Spring 2016 & 2017: Member of interview committee.

  • The Bridge: Upland Indiana, Spring 2017: Guided a team of students to produce interior design proposals for The Bridge.

  • The Crossing Mural: Marion IN, Fall 2016: Guided a team of students to design a mural for The Crossing.

  • Secret Garden set painting: Indiana Wesleyan University, Spring 2013: Guided a team of students to produce the set painting for The Secret Garden.

  • Affordable Housing Mural: Marion Indiana, 2012-13: Guided a team of IWU students to create a two-room mural at Affordable Housing’s new community space with input from neighborhood members.

  • Art Theme Housing Planning Committee: Indiana Wesleyan University, 2012-13: Met with a committee of faculty and Residence Life leaders to plan and offer housing options for art students to live together and serve the community with their creative work.

  • Mikado set painting: Indiana Wesleyan University, Spring 2012: Guided a team of students to produce the set painting for Mikado.


Leadership Experience

  • Director: Beard Arts Center Gallery, Marion, Indiana, 2012-present:

    1. Directed teams of assistant curators to schedule and hang 9-13 exhibitions per academic year

    2. Drove to pick up and deliver work (New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago...)

    3. Organized visiting artist lectures and critiques with IWU students

    4. Executive Director: Gallery r, Rochester, NY 2010-2011: Orchestrated the efforts of RIT students, alumni, and faculty to run the school’s metro showcase. Managed the gallery through a move to a new space.

    5. Special Events Coordinator: Gallery r, Rochester, NY 2009-2010: Worked with the faculty and administration of RIT and with the local community to organize events, including a benefit auction for Gallery r.

    6. RISD Academic Planning Committee, Undergraduate Representative: 2007-2008: Represented RISD’s undergraduate student body to a faculty committee on issues of curriculum planning, student exhibitions, and collaborative degree programs with Brown University.

    7. Porch Collaborative: Rochester, NY, 2010: Co-curated and organized a multi-disciplinary show integrating the work of musicians, writers, and visual artists. The exhibit was coordinated in collaboration with the Black Mountain North Symposium, a national conference celebrating collaborative and experimental creativity.

    8. Morphology and Synergetics Conference: RISD, 2008: Helped to encourage cross-disciplinary thinking in the student body through the coordination of lectures, discussions, and collaborations.

    9. Resident Assistant: RISD, 2005-2007: Fostered the growth of community through dorm functions and campus wide events. Created an on-campus gallery in the freshman dorms.

    10. RISD Student Alliance Representative for the Department of Furniture Design: 2006-2008: Represented the department on issues of exhibition space, funding, and collaboration with other majors.

    11. Art For Food: RISD, 2005-2008: Led a team of RISD students to coordinate the creation and auctioning of artworks at the Gallery at 17 Peck to benefit Heifer International.


Lectures, Interviews & Panels

  • Forthcoming: Principium Faculty Lecture Series: John Wesley Honors College, Fall 2017.

  • Forthcoming: A Measure of the Irrational: Union University, Fall 2017.

  • Cultural Immersion Program Guest Lecture: Indiana Wesleyan University, August 2015, 2016, & 2017.

  • Windows & Wormholes Panel: Indiana Wesleyan University, Spring 2017: moderator and organizer.

  • Davison Gallery: Roberts Wesleyan University, Fall 2016: Guest lecture.

  • Forum on Art: Indiana Wesleyan University, Spring 2016: panelist.

  • Jules Collins Smith Museum of Art, Auburn AL, 2015: Lecture on studio practice.

  • The Writer’s Block, Auburn, AL, 2015: Interview with Phineas Dowling for WEGL and The Writer’s Block podcast, produced by the Miller Writing Center.

  • Studio 222, Auburn, AL, 2015: Presentation on process and concept development.

  • RISD Career Services, Providence, RI, 2009: One of four alumni invited to present work and discuss experiences in the art & design field to current students.

  • Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble, RISD, 2009: Gave an artist’s slide lecture and demonstration to illuminate the conceptual and technical processes behind the set design for Laya & Majnun, which opened at New York’s Lincoln Center in 2009.

  • RISD Department of Furniture Design Alumni Presentation, Providence, RI, 2010: Invited to present recent works and critique senior design students in a studio setting.

  • RIT Foundations Artist’s Talk, Rochester, NY, 2011: Showed recent works and discussed concepts of obscuring clarity to first year students in a studio setting.

  • Harley Alumni Talk, Chatterbox Club, Rochester, NY, 2010: One of five alumni selected to present recent works and philosophy of learning at a fundraising gala.

  • RIT Foundations Art History Presentation, Rochester, NY, 2010: Slide lecture on the life, work, and philosophy of Robert Rauschenberg to art students.